Company Overview

Adamjee Durabuilt (Private) Limited is Pakistan’s recognized leader in uPVC extrusion engineering profiles. We are the market front-runner due to our winning edge in quality control, product range and prompt, efficient service. This synergy allows us to understand our customers’ needs, respond quickly to market trends and provide recognized international standards for our clients.

For over 31 years, we have produced quality electrical trunking, uPVC pipe, flexible pipe & fittings and uPVC electrical conduits. Our wide range of essential uPVC building and office products have been incorporated, used and appreciated throughout Pakistan, from the National Assembly, Aga Khan Hospital, CITI Bank and Siemens Pakistan, to small offices and homes. It is clear that our products are the first choice across the spectrum of wiring solutions.

Based on our highly competent human resources systems and rigorous quality controls, our line of products (Adamjee DuraDuct, Adamjee DuraSlot, Adamjee DuraPipe and Adamjee DuraFlex) are the market benchmark for quality. We have an extremely driven team of experienced management executives, enterprising engineers, committed customer service officers, skilled technicians and well-trained logistics crews. All these factors combine to secure our position as the best product on the market.

Adamjee Durabuilt is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 - Certification for Management Systems (UKAS accreditation) certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

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